Transportation companies face a wide variety of possible legal challenges in the course of their daily operations. Federal regulations control many aspects of the industry, and compliance with the numerous and conflicting transport rules and laws can be difficult. At the same time, transport companies face all of the other legal challenges other companies face, like personal injury, employment and safety issues.

If you own a company in the transportation industry, you need a lawyer who will help you with the significant legal and regulatory issues that may keep your business from moving forward. Tecklenburg & Jenkins, LLC represents businesses, insurers and shippers with all of the challenges they may face, providing sound legal guidance resulting in positive outcomes.


Transportation laws are highly complex and difficult to navigate on your own. We provide the knowledge and skill clients need when handling issues involving:


At Tecklenburg & Jenkins, LLC our experienced attorneys are active in all aspects of the commercial trucking industry. We have represented regional and national intrastate and interstate motor carriers, independent truckers, private fleet operators, both directly and through their insurers. We can assist you with:

  • Tractor Trailer and Truck Accidents
  • Premises Liability Claims
  • Commercial Issues and Disputes
  • Contract Disputes
  • Drafting of Trucking Transport Documents
  • Freight Loss & Cargo Damage Claims and Defense
  • Overweight, Oversize and Permit Violations
  • Transportation and Logistics Contracts


Railroad crossing cases involving complex issues of federal law, numerous experts and multi-day trials, which are handled by our litigation attorneys. FELA claims require investigation and analysis of each on-the-job injury, to ensure employer resources are preserved for only meritorious claims.

FELA cases also involve multi-day trials with employees asserting substantial damages with numerous experts. Our seasoned litigation attorneys defend FELA cases aggressively from the discovery phase to the final jury verdict.


Our admiralty attorneys represent businesses and vessel owners in every type of legal difficulty that may occur at sea or on the waterfront. We represent parties in litigation, administrative, and business matters that require expertise in this specialized area of law. Our attorneys are experienced in many areas of maritime law including:

For more information about our admiralty legal services click here and, as always, feel free to contact us.

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