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Tecklenburg & Jenkins Firm Philosophy

We believe that attorneys should resolve problems and not aggravate them, that an attorney should be an asset and not just an expense, and that our clients’ goals must be taken as our own. We are resourceful. We are resolute. We will always go the extra mile for our clients.

Tecklenburg & Jenkins was Founded on the Following Beliefs:

#1 Effective Approach to Litigation

The core belief upon which Tecklenburg & Jenkins was built upon is expressed well in the words of Clarence Darrow: “The only real lawyers are trial lawyers…” Our adversaries know that we only take cases of merit. We have the confidence to pursue our clients’ causes through to the end – including to trial, if necessary. Our clients are well-prepared for deciding how far to take their cases in order to obtain the desired results.

#2 Strong Client Relationships

Our firm’s philosophy centers heavily on building positive relationships with our clients. We believe that it is crucial to keep our clients involved every step of the way. One of the most frequent complaints you hear about lawyers is that they do not keep their clients updated. At Tecklenburg & Jenkins, we pride ourselves on our strong client relationships and commitment to communication. We understand that client input is invaluable, and we rely on their knowledge, interest, and insight during each step of the legal process. Our clients can rely on us for prompt, reliable communication.

# 3 Comprehensive Approach

Our attorneys are thorough. At Tecklenburg & Jenkins, our lawyers understand that sometimes the evidence that proves the most valuable in litigation is discovered in the least likely place. We identify high leverage aspects of cases. The best way to do this is to focus on angles other attorneys might ignore.

#4 Respect

All participants in the legal process should be treated with respect and the proper level of professionalism. This is not just a belief, but it also is our professional responsibility. We will never allow our enthusiasm for the practice of law to compromise our behavior, ethics, or integrity. We believe that fair, courteous treatment of all parties involved helps to facilitate a positive outcome for our clients. Maintaining respect for the legal system and all of its participants tempers much of the unnecessary discord that can derail progress towards positive resolutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to fight for your rights without compromising integrity and reputation.

#5 Commitment

Perhaps the most important philosophy of Tecklenburg & Jenkins is our commitment to our clients and dedication to their goals. According to Black’s Law Dictionary, loyalty is “faithfulness or allegiance to a person, cause, duty or government.” We know that each client has many choices when hiring a law firm, and we understand that serving your needs means treating your problems as our own, and faithfully pursuing your goals.

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