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Tecklenburg & Jenkins is South Carolina’s premier maritime law firm. Defending and pursuing admiralty and maritime claims has been the predominant practice area of our Charleston, SC law firm since its inception. We litigate claims relating to:

Investigation of Maritime or Admiralty Claims

Our attorneys assist in the investigation of all types of marine incidents, including pollution discharges, personal injury, collisions, allisions, cargo and vessel damage. It is common for our attorneys to be called to the scene of a serious marine incident, coordinate investigations and interact with government officials. We embrace the philosophy that early and thorough investigation ensures claims are properly administered from start to finish. Contact an experienced attorney at Tecklenburg & Jenkins today.

Effective and Experienced in Maritime Business

Our admiralty attorneys represent businesses and vessel owners in nearly every type of legal difficulty that may occur at sea or on the waterfront. Areas of business maritime law practiced by Tecklenburg & Jenkins include:

  • Vessel Documentation & Registration

  • Marine Insurance

  • Charter Parties

  • Ship Mortgages

  • Shipbuilding

  • Sales Disputes

  • Shipping Contracts

  • Stevedore Contracts

  • Coast Guard Issues

  • Homeland Security Issues

  • Environmental Issues

What is Maritime Law? (Also Called Admiralty)

Admiralty law (sometimes called “maritime law”) governs maritime disputes and offenses. Maritime law consists of both domestic laws governing maritime activities and private international laws. These maritime laws or “marine laws” regulate the legal relationships between private entities which operate vessels on the ocean. Admiralty law affects many aspects of maritime business including marine commerce, marine navigation, shipping, negligence/torts, sailors or seamen, and the transportation of passengers and goods by sea.

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