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South Carolina Construction Lawyers

Experienced Construction Attorneys Provide Solid Advice

Tecklenburg, Jenkins & Jacoby, LLC is the only construction lawfirm you need. Our attorneys can serve all of your needs from pre-project legal services through post-construction project completion. We deal with issues as they arise, such as unforeseen accidents and delays, but also proactively anticipate problems. Our litigation attorneys also handle disputes that that may require arbitration or litigation.

South Carolina Construction Lawyers to Help You Build Your Business

Our ability to evaluate construction projects helps clients understand the legal matters related to any project. We help all parties involved, including contractors or owners, to understand clearly the particular project guidelines, timelines and what actions to take when problems arise. The goal in drafting the contract is not only to protect your interests, but also to avoid any disputes between the parties and unnecessary costs to you in resolving those disputes. Our construction attorneys will use their experience to draft and review the terms and conditions of your construction contract including:

  • Defining the Scope Of Work

  • Detailing the Specifications

  • Formulating Payment and Completion Schedules

  • Assessing Insurance Requirements

  • Identifying Payment and Performance Bond Issues

  • Negotiating Termination and Cancellation Alternatives

  • Defining Indemnification Requirements

  • Detailing Architectural and Engineering Provisions

Determined Construction Litigation Attorneys to Defend Your Rights

At the law offices of Tecklenburg, Jenkins & Jacoby, LLC, we routinely respond to a variety of serious construction disputes with practical, experienced, and effective advice that saves our clients time and money. We regularly represent clients in the defense of actions, as well as the pursuit of claims and counterclaims. Our experienced lawyers represent the interests of our clients in matters such as:

  • Residential Construction Claims

  • Commercial Construction Claims

  • Mechanic’s Liens

  • Bond Claims

  • Change and Delay Claims

  • Mediation

  • Payment Issues

  • UCC Claims and Filings

  • Defective Plans and Specifications

  • Faulty Products

  • Insurance Coverage Disputes

  • Construction Accidents

  • Government Contract Disputes

  • Breach of Contract

If you are in need of an experienced, knowledgeable construction attorney, please contact us today.

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